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Tari Quiocho

Vice President for Operations - Contract Management

Tari Quiocho's career journey is impressive, marked by a steadfast commitment to advocating for the rights and well-being of adults with disabilities. Starting at The Arc of the Peninsulas and now serving as Vice President for Operations - Contract Management at Peninsula Services, her dedication to inclusive community initiatives shines through.

During her tenure at The Arc, Mrs. Quiocho played pivotal roles, including Chief of Staff, Senior Program Manager, and department director. Her efforts in overseeing programs tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals with disabilities, such as the Empowerment & Lifelong Learning series and various community initiatives, reflect her passion for fostering empowerment and integration.

At Peninsula Services, Mrs. Quiocho continues her impactful work by leading collaborative efforts with Skookum Contracting Services. Together, they provide grounds maintenance solutions for Naval Base Kitsap, not only enhancing operational efficiency but also creating employment opportunities for veterans and individuals with disabilities. The Grounds Maintenance Crew's dedication to meticulous upkeep reflects a commitment to inclusivity and premium service provision. The services offered, ranging from grounds maintenance to landscape design and security fence upkeep, demonstrate the breadth of Mrs. Quiocho's collaborative approach in fulfilling community objectives.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Mrs. Quiocho enjoys running, exploring sunny destinations, and spending quality time with her family and beloved dog, Emma. Her diverse interests underscore a well-rounded approach to both work and life.

(360) 373-1446

Tari Quiocho
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