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Peninsula Services began in 1971 and was known as Southwood.  It was a voluntary residential program for adults with a variety of needs; victims of domestic violence, alcoholism, persons with developmental disabilities, anyone who felt they were unable to operate successfully in society.


Peninsula Services now focuses on providing Job Training and Community Based Employment for program participants with a wide range of disabilities. The success of Peninsula Services is in the ability to evolve with the growing needs of the community and society as a whole.  We are dedicated to providing  effective and successful services to our customers and program participants.

Our success and sustainability at Peninsula Services are thanks in part to the leadership of former Executive Directors Ethel DeClements, Chuck Paeth, and Jill Robinson who retired in 2022.  The policies and services that they instilled are the foundation that enable Peninsula Services to continue to be a valuable community resource. Their legacy will continue under our trusted leadership.

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