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Vocational Services


The Vocational Services Department  is the heart and soul of Peninsula Services. Through our variety of job placement services, our experienced team offers a wide range of options to persons with disabilities who are referred to us from DDA, DVR, DSB and other agencies. We handle each person individually and with respect, helping you to find the direction to your employment dream. 

Job Seeker:

Do you need help navigating the employment journey? For 50 years, Peninsula Services has provided career opportunities and training to many hundreds of individuals, giving flight to their dreams.


We can map out opportunities from a variety of angles and will assist you to match your skills with the right job in the community. We help you excel in today’s business environment. We have worked with over 300 companies throughout Kitsap County that support our mission.

If you are looking for a vocational guide, contact us for a personal meeting. Together we can discuss how to road map your employment journey.  


EMPLOYERS - CHANGE A LIFE TODAY! At Peninsula Services, this is not simply a slogan, it's a way of life. We work hard to match our job seekers with the right employer. 

As an employer, we are providing you with a person whose skills and interests match with your needs. Then we continually follow up with you to make sure your new employee understands the demands of your company and feels confident to grow with you, helping you become more efficient and profitable. Our success is built around innovative leadership, focusing on strengths to maximize your staff’s talents and your company’s productivity.



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