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Textile Recycling


Textile Recycling

We make it easy for you to recycle your used clothing and shoes! Did you know that the latest statistics show that Americans discard 82% of unwanted clothes, even though nearly all used clothing can be recycled? Disposing of those items in landfills produces toxic greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

Recycling your clothes and shoes in one or used goods bin will prevent those greenhouse gases from being emitted and lessens the need for newly manufactured clothes, effectively cutting down on the environmental damage incurred in the textile manufacturing process.

The clothes dropped in our bins are sold and reused in developing countries, where the demand for used clothing is high or repurposed into something new. The proceeds directly fund our programs here locally in Kitsap County and enable us to fulfill our Mission. When you donate to Peninsula Services, your donation helps people with developmental disabilities throughout Western Washington! ​Your donations are appreciated and do make a difference. Textile Recycling and Processing Center is a social enterprise of Peninsula Services, and was formally owned and operated by Peninsula Alliance. Textile Recycling is based in Bremerton, Washington.

Contact us today to schedule a residential pickup!

Call  (360) 674-7084 or email Carolyn Roth at to schedule pickup.

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