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Katherine Petit

Executive Assistant & Clerk of the Board

As the Executive Assistant, Katherine Petit plays a crucial role in supporting the Chief Executive Officer and ensuring the overall success of the agency. Her responsibilities include managing executive schedules, coordinating internal and external communications, and assisting with strategic planning and project management. Acting as a vital link between the CEO and other departments, she ensures that information flows smoothly and that the CEO's directives are effectively implemented. Ms. Petit's organizational skills, attention to detail, and proactive approach are instrumental in helping the agency achieve its mission and goals. She has been with the agency since June 2022, bringing a wealth of experience and dedication to her role.

Ms. Petit previously worked at The Arc of the Peninsulas, where she managed the day program and contributed to the community engagement program. She is deeply passionate about working with individuals with differing abilities, demonstrating a strong commitment to creating inclusive environments and advocating for all people. Ms. Petit consistently seeks opportunities to enhance the quality of life for individuals with differing abilities by ensuring they have access to essential resources and support systems.

In addition to her professional roles, Ms. Petit is a dedicated member of the Washington Army National Guard. She has volunteered for COVID-19 orders to provide essential aid during the pandemic and is trained to fight wildfires. Her commitment to community service is evident in her readiness to help in emergencies, highlighting her dedication to supporting others.

(360) 373-1446

Katherine Petit
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