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Holly James

Senior Vice President for Housing Development

Holly James is an accomplished individual who excels in various roles, demonstrating her dedication as a committed community volunteer, nonprofit leader, and accomplished affordable housing developer. Currently, she leads the Peninsula Services Affordable Housing Development Division, utilizing her expertise to address the critical need for affordable housing in Bremerton and throughout Kitsap County. Her guidance as a consultant to nonprofit organizations and government agencies has been instrumental in implementing affordable housing initiatives, significantly improving the quality of life for many. In addition to her professional endeavors, Mrs. James demonstrates unwavering dedication through extensive involvement in charitable endeavors.

Mrs. James champions causes ranging from organizing local food drives to spearheading fundraising events for underprivileged children's education. As the former CEO of the Kitsap Entrepreneurial Center, Mrs. James exhibited exceptional strategic vision and organizational acumen, driving remarkable outcomes in serving the local community. Committed to social justice and equality, she actively engages in initiatives promoting diversity, inclusion, and empowerment for marginalized groups, inspiring others to join her in effecting positive change.

Mrs. James' philanthropic efforts have earned her widespread recognition and respect within her community. Furthermore, she is honored as a distinguished recipient of the prestigious Lions International Melvin Jones Fellow recognition. Through her tireless efforts to make a positive impact in the lives of others, she embodies the core values of humanitarian service.

(360) 373-1446

Holly James
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