48 years and going strong! 
PENINSULA SERVICES is a non-profit agency in Kitsap County, WA. organized in 1971 to provide life enriching experiences for persons with disabilities.  From our volunteer Board of Directors, our CEO, to our employees and the participants we serve, we are all proud to be part of Peninsula Services. 
Thank you for giving us this opportunity to introduce our agency to you—a lot has happened since we opened our doors -there have been many changes, not only to the programs, but how our services have become a vital part of the Kitsap community. 
Everything we do focuses on Our Mission:  
To provide job training and community employment opportunities to adults with disabilities.



Ever since the agency was formed by a group of parents and a community of citizens we have believed in expanding opportunities for adults with disabilities. We are dedicated to the philosophy that all persons have the ability to excel, to grow, to set and to achieve personal goals.

We operate a variety of projects all focused on providing funding for our Vocational Services Department and at the same time offer job opportunities to persons with disabilities on a variety of our contracts. Our goal is community employment for all.

Over the past 45+ years we have contributed toward building the dreams and improving the lives of hundreds of individuals, families and businesses. At the core of Peninsula Services is a highly dedicated team of professionals who work together with people who deserve an equal chance at life. We love what we do and we feel fortunate to be of service in so many wonderful ways.

Our Vocational Services Department offers Job Placement Services - through referrals from various state entities such as DVR and DDA. Peninsula Services has earned a reputation for “Quality Rehabilitation Programs That Work” and we are proud to be part of this great community support system!

Servmart Stores - Located in Bremerton and on Whidbey Island these stores provide government entities the highest quality products and service. There are some items available to the general public as well. We have a dedicated website to Shop online here!  These two Servmart stores provide military bases and ships all over the world with a wide variety of supplies—and represent a great selection of Ability One products that are made in the U.S.A. by persons with disabilities.

Peninsula Services Grounds Maintenance manages and cares for the grounds at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, the Naval Hospital, Sub-Base Bangor and other locations throughout the community. Does your company need help with ground maintenance? Our team is The Best!

Our Commissary Shelf Stocking and Custodial crews serve the PSNS and Bangor Bases and we also use these sites for assessment and training for participants referred to us from DVR and DDA.

All Shred Document Destruction and Recycling! Maybe you have see us around town in our shiny and secure document destruction truck? Our AllShred shredding business and eCycling (FREE electronic device disposal) team is fast, safe and environmentally conscious.

The Bremerton Gift Garden is reopened as The Gift Basket with a fresh face and revitalized purpose.  Come in and build-a-basket for any occasion you can imagine, with fun and unique gifts to select....and Every Gift Gives Twice!

Peninsula Services is in the business of serving you. Learn more about how our Community Job Placement Services can improve the lives of our participants and employers around Kitsap County... and how you can get involved here!

Peninsula Services is a Non Profit Company
7500 Werner Rd., Bremerton, WA 98312
    Telephone: (360) 373-1446  |  Email: pensvc3@telebyte.commailto:pensvc3@telebyte.comshapeimage_4_link_0


All persons have the ability to grow and to excel

All persons are deserving of dignity and respect

People are the greatest asset in achieving the mission

The pursuit of excellence in all services provided is of utmost importance

Innovation, creativity and the desire to excel is greatly valued.

Peninsula Services exists for the purpose of providing vocational and life enriching experiences that allow every individual the opportunity to grow, to achieve personal goals and to maximize their potential.

find out if he is OK’ed to have his pic on the site!!!!!Story of The ‘Sesame Street’ Rug...

Each Rug that Zach makes is unique, one-of-a-kind. Zach is an artist and he takes his work seriously—but ask him where he gets his inspiration and you find the child in all of us...

A community is not like the pine tree that can grow by itself.

It is like the redwood that grows in a cluster ...with all of the roots supporting the others.